Patterns - Contemporary Vinyl Patterns 2021
* Seaglass
Ocean Pearl
Wave Ocean Pearl
Waterfall Oyster Bay

Butterfly Effect
Silver Lake
Butterfly Effect
Blue Aquashimmer
Sunburst Oyster Bay
Bayview Slate
White Diffusion

Light reflecting, sparkling & pristine - CGT Aquashimmer premium formulation has a dazzling effect on our high quality pool line. Formulated by a team of product development specialists, colour specialties and designers, our Aquashimmer is engineered to function at peak performance with our base film, ink and patterns to create a next-level shimmering effect that is sure to impress.
Mountain White Diffusion
Blue Diffusion
*Premium Pattern - Additional charges will apply.
Note: Colour of material may vary. Ask to see an actual vinyl sample at your dealer. In the manufacturing process of the liner, seams lines may be visible or invisible. Some patterns have had scale adjustments to better highlight the pattern.
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